Phenylethylamine: Benefits and Side Effects

Phenylethylamine benefits and side effects
Why is Phenylethylamine called the “Love Drug”?
Phenylethylamine is called so due to the fact that it is the best-known brain chemical that generates an on-top-of-the-world feeling that love brings with it as it produces the neurochemical dopamine.

People who dose on phenylethylamine are said to experience a sudden burst of energy levels, an elated feeling, and increased mental alertness. These effects are similar to the symptoms of a person falling in love as already mentioned above. The effects are similar to the natural brain stimulation that one experiences after eating a bar of chocolate or after skydiving.

Going by the above scenarios, it seems like keeping your mood up everyday is a pretty easy task. You just pop a pill and feel active, energized, and happy all day long. However, before you start taking the seemingly harmless phenylethylamine supplement, let us find out more about it.

What is Phenylethylamine?

Phenylethylamine is an organic compound known as β-phenylethylamine and 2-phenylethylamine. It is biosynthesizes amino acid L-phenylalanine by enzymatic decarboxylation via the enzyme aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase. When present in the central nervous system of mammals, it functions as a neurotransmitter. It helps to regulate mood, stress, and focus. Its presence can be found in plants, animals, and humans. Phenylethylamine HCl is a salt analog of phenylethylamine. It can be obtained naturally from foods such as chocolate.

Phenylethylamine and its salt analog are usually available either as pills or in the powdered form. They can be consumed for mood improvement or weight loss. Though the quantity of doses vary from person to person, 500 mg daily is generally considered appropriate.


► The consumer of this drug experiences a sudden increase in energy, euphoria, alertness, and pronounced heartbeat, which are identical to the symptoms of a person who is in love (limerence stage).

► Its consumption causes the release of beta-endorphin, which induces the release of norepinephrine and dopamine. The drug blocks dopamine’s breakdown, which further increases its level.

► This hormonal release can lead to feeling of increased libido.

► By decreasing the diameter of blood vessels, phenylethylamine increases the blood pressure.

► The combination of rising metabolism and blood pressure creates a hyper alert state of mind and extraordinary stimulation.

► The user of this drug receives a total sensory experience as all the senses are activated and heightened.

► Phenylethylamine helps in releasing another organic compound called acetylcholine. This compound helps a person recall memories and facts easily. It generates mental acuteness.

► With mental acuity, the person gains intellectual confidence, and his problem-solving skills, aptitude for learning, motivational level, clarity, and focus are increased profoundly.

► It increases blood pressure and blood glucose levels to step up the energy levels. As a result, it reduces the sensation of fatigue.

► High blood pressure and blood glucose levels in a person shows that phenylethylamine ups the metabolism speed as well. This leads to an increased rate of fat burning. Therefore, these days, this compound is included in diet supplements while a person is undergoing a weight loss program.

► Overall, it improves the person’s mood. This helps those who suffer from a high level of stress, anxiety, and depression.

► Phenylethylamine has several medical uses as it can be used as an antidepressant, for the treatment of asthma, and as a decongestant.

Side Effects

► The common side effects are mild headaches, nausea, constipation, and heartburn. These side effects aren’t considered serious, and most people choose to ignore them.

► Some people might experience severe side effects such as insomnia, confusion, giddiness, and severe headaches. In such cases, medical attention is required. The person experiencing these side effects needs to consult a physician before continuing with the doses.

► There are some more severe side effects of this stimulating supplement. Sharp pain or tightness in the chest, breathing difficulties, sudden increase in the heart rate, sudden increase in the blood pressure, rashes, and swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or neck need immediate medical attention.

► In rare cases, one experiences psychoactive effects, such as hallucinations, and the doses can be lethal.

With the above-given benefits and side effects, one would want to know whether these supplements are safe or not. They are generally considered safe. However, it is advisable to consult a physician before taking them for any reason. It is also advisable for people with medical conditions to avoid taking this supplement altogether.

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