7 Terribly Stupid Things People Do to Lose Weight

Just feign it!
We all know how celebrities, in a bid to lose weight turn to following weird diet regimes. But ‘Air Diet’ is on a different plane altogether. Espoused by Madonna (after she was introduced to it during D & G campaign), the diet requires the dieter to bring the food to his/her gob without really eating it. In short, you just feign to eat! Can’t get weirder than this.
That repugnant sight of a wobbly paunch or haywire mass of flesh dangling from arms is not something that you would be proud to swank. We all want to lose weight and we all have our own reasons to lose it. Some of us want to shed a few pounds to get back in shape after delivering a baby or some of us just want to look fetching like a film actor. You could also be advised by your doctor to lose weight for health reasons; if only you could shed your weight just like a snake can shed its skin! Losing weight is a rigmarole; it requires diligence, patience, and discipline and there’s no two ways about it. Despite this, a lot of us get ourselves involved in implausible, extreme, and ridiculous weight loss activities and programs that only sabotage our body or simply make us expend our precious energy without really yielding the desired results.

Given below are some of the most stupid things that people do to lose their weight.

We all want overnight miracles. Starving is one such miracle that will make you lose weight in the short run. But if you are far-sighted and want to have a clear picture as to where this self imposed abstinence will take you in the long run, you’ll be sad to know, nowhere! Food deprivation will gain you immediate results, however, you should be well-conversant with the repercussions.
First, when you starve yourself, your body goes in a tizzy and tries to hold on to the fat it has because it knows that it is not going to be fed enough. Now tell us for how long can you starve yourself? There will come a time when you will want to eat like a normal human being, then what? Your body, having experienced a ‘famine’ will store every bit of calorie you feed it with, fearing that it will be starved again. All that weight you managed to lose will double up in no time.
Diet pills
diet of pills
Slimming or diet pills is another stupid thing that we pin our hopes on to lose weight. All you need to do is pop the pill in your gob and see yourself lose weight. People who are desperate to shed weight easily fall prey to extravagant promises made by the manufacturers of these pills and consume them without thinking what exactly goes into making them or how they actually work.
While diet pills will boost your metabolism, give you a sense of fullness, shut off absorption of fat and carbohydrate in the food you eat, it will also be responsible for causing a horde of harmful side effects like sleeplessness, increased heart rate, liver damage, high BP, diarrhea, etc. You will be only sticking out your neck to hidden dangers if you take these pills without consulting a doctor.
cleansing colon
Meet any colon cleansing proponent and he will wax lyrical about it and talk you into doing it for weight loss. While cleansing can help you shed around 6 pounds of weight, it is not your actual weight that you end up losing but your stool weight. And besides, your body is smart enough to push the debris out on its own, you needn’t cleanse it and complicate its internal functioning.
While doing it once in a while will prove to be beneficial for your body, doing it with the sole purpose of losing weight is really stupid.
One Item Diet
One item diet is another crass diet that people force themselves into following in the hope of weight loss without fathoming how it works for the body. The idea behind one item diet is to eat only one type of food so that your body can part with extra pounds, so if you choose say cabbage soup, then you only eat cabbage soup to answer your hunger pangs (that’s another story that your hunger will die after eating the same kind of food).
What people don’t realize before signing up for this kind of diet is that they are only feeding their body with one or two nutrients and depriving themselves of other essential nutrients. So unless you want your body to feed on its muscle because it is not getting sufficient amount of protein from the food you are eating, we are sure you will not venture into this.
Purging not only includes throwing up or chewing food and throwing it out without swallowing it but also imbecile intake of laxatives. These are the most brutal ways of treating your body! Our stomach has its own acid that it needs to prepare food for the process of digestion and absorption. This acid, being strong is supposed to stay in our stomach only.
But when you try to spew out or regurgitate you are also casting up the acid, which wreaks havoc on your esophagus, teeth enamel, and mouth. It can also cause electrolyte imbalance (because your body is losing its fluids) which can redound in a bad way on your kidney.
Heavy Exercising
heavy exercising
While there’s no denying about the health benefits that one can enjoy by exercising regularly, exercising, however should not be viewed as the only tool for becoming thin. But, that’s what we are taught into believing and that’s how things go pear-shaped. Heavy exercising will definitely not help you melt those pounds but in turn can result in serious wear and tear, electrolyte imbalance (since you’ll be sweating a lot), dehydration, as well as lead to severe injuries.
Doing exercise on a daily basis is incontrovertibly helpful but doing it in moderation is sensible, safe, and most importantly healthy.
smoking cigarette
One has to be sitting on the pedestal of stupidity to think that smoking is an effective way to lose weight. While nicotine is believed to diminish the desire for eating that can help to drop off pounds, one cannot act daft and just ignore the innumerable health hazards that tag along with its consumption. So the next time you see a slender smoker, and feel envious of their thin frame, just remind yourself that he/she is not just losing their weight but also their life.

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